What are Insight Kits?

Here you will find a description of each kit.  To purchase a kit go to the "I want an Insight kit' tab. 

Family GTKY kit:

This kit is the one that everyone has been writing me for and wondering if I'll ever put one out...

It's finally here!

Made especially for all of you family and portrait photographers who have been wanting a questionnaire that fits a family instead of a couple.

Since the GTKY kit for couples has been such a hit and still going strong I decided it was time for a family specific kit.

After years of playing with my family questionnaire, tweaking, changing, fixing, etc...you get to have a template questionnaire and some ideas to go with it. You can either use it as it is or customize it to your own studio. The best part is that you don't have to start from scratch.

I'm really excited about this particular kit! In the past couple of years my focus has switched to families and as I look around I see (and hear from photographers) that they wish they had a way to make working with families feel more real and relaxed.

The best part is that the questionnaire has all of the pertinent info you need to keep tabs on your clients and serve them better and it also has all of the questions you want answered about how to bring out the fun and personality of your subjects. This kit has some similarities to the original GTKY kit but with a family spin. You're going to love it!

GTKY kit. (Get to Know You):

**great for couples/engagement

I've had people ask me:
How do you get your couples to do such fun things?
How do you get them to look so natural and real?
What do you do to get them to just have fun?
How do you get a groom to relax and have a great time?
What do you say to them to get them to do such cool things?
Where do you find your locations? They're all so different.
How do you get all of your sessions to look so different from each other?
Why do you have such awesome couples?
How do you get them to look so beautiful? You must just have gorgeous couples where you live.

Well...this is the answer. The GTKY QUESTIONNAIRE.

In this kit you will receive the 'Get to Know You' Questionnaire along with hints, tips, and real examples on how to use it to it's fullest potential. You'll find out how I get couples to have fun, relax, be themselves, get out of their comfort zone, in their comfort zone, be crazy, be quiet, be sweet, ignore me, be into each other, be beautiful, love, sing, protest, ride a ferris wheel, laugh, jump, everything...it's all in here.

GYLB kit. (Get Your Life Back)

The get your LIFE back kit is for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed with their life and a bit paralyzed by how much needs to be done.  With an easy read to format, lists that will get you excited about taking your life back, and a customized 10 step program just for you, the get your LIFE back kit will help you to begin to balance the demands you face as well as help you to LOVE LIFE again.
This kit is my most personal kit to date.  I share how I got started as a photographer, the crazy and overwhelming time I went through, and the rise from those drowning days.
If you got into your profession because you loved your art, craft, or skill and now wonder if it's really worth it...there is a way a way to live a sweet, beautiful life without fear again.

The majority of the women who attend the workshops that we teach come to the workshop feeling completely overwhelmed.  They feel torn between being a mom and being a business woman, loving both but feeling that both are always being sacrificed in some way.  They want to put their heart into being a mom and they also want to put their heart into being a photographer and/or business woman.  When they get to the workshop, they don't know what the first step is or how to climb out of the downward spiral that feel like they're in.  They're coming to find a way to live their life again without feeling like they are going to drown amidst all of the things they are supposed to be juggling.
By the time they leave the workshop they are rejuvenated, they have direction, and many of them write to me saying how freeing it was to hear about how to get their life back, that they are working their personal 10 step list, and that they are finally living the life they were hoping they would live.
That is the experience I'm hoping to bring you in this kit.

What is in the kit?
My story: from start up...to so crazy busy I wanted to throw in the towel...to having a life again
As assessment questionnaire to help you see where you are
A 10 step process to help you take the information in the kit and transform it in your everyday life
A list of simple straight forward ideas on how to make the changes you want...and more.



Contracts can be so frustrating. 

You get a contract written only to find that you should have included this or that. It can feel like you're never going to get it right. Our contracts have been through five years of revisions and two lawyer reviews. They cover things that perhaps you've not thought of or forgotten. The contracts are a great template for you to use in your studio to customize to your needs. Leave behind all of the wondering about what you did or didn't remember.
This kit includes all eight of our client contracts for wedding, album, and lifestyle and baby sessions.

A companion to the GTKY kit the Last Minute Kit bridges the gap between you and the bride on her wedding day. 

The Last Minute Questionnaire is the perfect way to help your bride communicate important details to you that will help you capture her memories. How often have you arrived at the wedding day and discovered that events have been moved around, asked a divorced couple to kiss, or found out that plans have changed drastically since booking with you? Avoid some of the unexpected things that can happen on the wedding day. This kit helps you to have everything you need to know on the wedding day. This kit has more than 10 tips about how to maximize the Last Minute Questionnaire.

 Wedding 101 kit.

This kit is different from the others that I've released because it's not just for photographers...it's for anyone who knows a bride, is a bride, or knows someone who will soon be a bride.

This kit has 101 ways a bride can make her wedding creative, fun, and infused with her style and personality.  Included is a questionnaire that will help any bride to connect with the things that make her and her fiance unique. It also includes more than 10 tips to creating a different kind of wedding. A great bonus are the case study weddings of brides who have created weddings around their own style.
The WEDDING 101. kit. is the perfect gift for a newly engaged couple as they begin their wedding plans. It's also the perfect complement to a photographer's media kit for couples who have just booked.